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LEGEND…..just what constitutes a legend? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, officially a legend is a story usually from the past but not necessarily a true one. If you’ve been online for a couple of years, you’re more than cognizant of the term “Urban Legend”. A legend can also be a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well. A couple of other meanings are, “ list that explains the symbols on a map; or the writing that appears on an object such as a gravestone”.

The Country Legends show the other night brought about a few comments that just maybe it wasn’t a completely “legends” show. I just want to share my opinion on that question….was it a true legends show? According to these definitions “age” really does not come into play, even though a large percentage of the songs were over 50 years old. The people who originally made them popular are, or were known for doing something extremely well, i.e. a “legend”. But then professional singers who are known for songs that are 15 -30 years old are, in my opinion also legends. There was one song that was definitely a story last night, a story about a Rooster. Now there’s a true legend for you….both the Rooster, and the late, Archie Campbell, who I believe wrote it

If you use the definition of “legend” that it is a person who is known for doing something extremely well….then I hereby suggest that the members of the Liberty Opry Band, each and all together are “Legends in my mind!” Your comments are always welcomed!

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