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Rock n’ Roll April 13th 2013


We definitely rocked the Opry last night….in fact it’s a shame someone didn’t see Jerry rockin’ out during the rehearsal.  I thought he wouldn’t be able to get  of bed this morning, but this ol’ guy is pretty darn sturdy…LOL.  And talk about rockin’ out we all saw “Alley Oop” in costume with bone and all, and dang it, in the 2nd half we were introduced first hand to “Ahab the Arab” the sheik & his harem ‘backing him up’.  Eddy Edwards you’ve been holding out on us, what new will you bring us next time?  And did you know his darling wife Shirley sings with Eddy too …. You should see them do “Along Comes Jones”!  Eddy strolls the stage when he sings and last night he wore three different hats….he has a great voice & we were honored to dance during his rendition of “Blue Velvet”.  Thank you Eddy & Shirley for sharing your talents at the Liberty Opry.

Shana Valdes rocked last night, she likes to start all her numbers off,  with the  band jumping in…that’s why she’s known as the “Texas Opry Firecracker”.  She has that low, warm voice to do it and with her black & white polka dot dress and red heels she exuded those good ol’ days of going steady, holding hands, & being the first ones on the dance floor.

Tom Brown had his debut at the Liberty Opry last night and the audience took to him right away.  His songs were those great oldies and with his smooth voice took you right back to those days of the 50’s & 60’s….”One Night With You” and “Send Me the Pillow”…oh, yeah…good stuff.  I’m sure he’ll be back again soon from Tyler, TX.

The band really showed their stuff with Rick working those drums as only he can do (I’m sure he’s exhausted by the time the shows over), we had some hot licks from Andy & Mike in the horn section, they are such a great addition on these nights!  John Ray it was good to have you back last night and Jerry was back doing his straight man & MC duties…nice to have all on stage to complete the family.   Calvin & Jim rocked it in every number…there’s a couple other guys who really work the music…work? Maybe but it’s all a labor of love, and we are all so glad they enjoy doing it…sharing time and talent and love…love of music and love of people who love music.  It’s a circle…the “circle can’t be broken”….I think that’s a song title…..our lives are made up of songs, and songs are all about life!  It’s true.  Cya next week when we have some great Country Western music coming our way… there!

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