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ROCK around the CLOCK 8/18/12

Rock around the Clock, Sat. 8/16 and darn it all, not one performer sang that song! Should be a law if you use the name, you should sing the song….OK, next time maybe.  And Jay, I use to dance to that one in the school gymnasium.  Some great songs from the 50’s & 60’s were sung and even a couple that I’d never heard, like “Carol”, a Chuck Berry song from 1958 and who could do it best?  Heath Spencer Philip, of  with his humungous energy!  Angie Gilbert, looking svelte & lovely in black sequins, shared her talent with many of the good ones, including “STOP! In the Name of Love”!

Jay opened with “Mustang Sally”, I had a ‘66 white one many years ago,  now I need a song like “Camaro Carolyn”.   Jim Cox and his hot guitar sang, “Dance With Me”, and I would have, but he was attached to that yellow guitar.  John Ray sang “Barefootin’” and I wanted to take my shoes off right there in my seat, but I’m sure the other couple next to me would not have appreciated that, but they were jiggin’ to the music right along with me.    It was great to have our “wind section” with us for the night, it adds such a richness to the music.  Mike Loftin is another one of those “multiple musical instrument” player and he does them all so smoothly, even while his sax was hooked to his neck cord, he was playing his flute, and the clarinet rested in front of him.  ”Stranger on the Shore” never sounded prettier, thanks Mike.  Next was Andy Lingenfelter who had two horns with him…I need some help here, what is the difference between a Cornet and a Trumpet, and maybe I’m even missing the correct name?  Anyway Andy started us all off with the classic “JAVA”….(wonder how many of us start each day with our java?)

We had a visit from Big Alice last night, doesn’t Larry Etheridge bring many smiles, giggles, guffaws from us all, in his alter egos of Booger Lee & all his relatives & friends.  You gotta’ love them all, even if you’ve heard the jokes before, it’s wonderful to hear others laughing who haven’t.  Laughter is good for the soul, and also good for your health.  Laughter is healing.  Thanks to Booger Lee and Jerry Locke for the time they put in every Saturday night at the Liberty Opry.

Now we all know what makes it all possible….the Liberty Opry Band.  As good as each performer is; as good as each individual band member is;  take that keyboard player, Calvin…wow! ; individually they all have such enormous talent, but together they are the best band in Texas, at least the best I’ve heard in this vast state.  And as a bit of a recognition of that talent, Gary & Joyce Sitten fed the band members a meal of barbecued chicken, ribs, sausage & more Saturday night….very thoughtful!  According to our favorite drummer, Rick’s comment was, “it’s a meat lovers dream!”.   This band is such a special unit, can you believe, the like each other and respect each other.  Sitting through a few rehearsals, you can feel the friendship, the fun, and yeah…the love they have of the music and each other.

Jay & Nina….ya’ done a good job bringing this all together!  Blessings on the Liberty Opry and the family it holds in it’s heart.

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