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Inspirational? You Bet….All Gospel

I have drank from my saucer because my cup has over flowed… true in my personal life, do those words mean anything for you? Last night was ALL GOSPEL at the Liberty Opry. The song that has those words was sang by our guest star, John Gardener, with deep feeling. I so enjoyed John’s singing, along with visiting with him a bit, a very interesting man. He’s a big man with a voice that reaches out and touches deeply. He sings at the Shawnee church Opry the first Friday of every month and I hope to go hear him sometime. How about that “Hearts of Grace”, a trio of great gospel harmonies. They’re always welcome at the Opry & always entertain us as they share their testimony to God through the songs they bring.

So many great songs, a couple of old favorites along with a new one or two….new to me, at least, maybe not to you. Ray Sowell, rhythm guitarist, sang “Only For a Little While”, it seemed a soulful melody for me with back up singers Jim Cox, and Nina Cantu helping out. Great song! Great job, Ray! Calvin and “The Old Gospel Ship”, is one of those powerhouse songs that wakes up the audience. The effortless comedy of Jerry Locke & Booger Lee keep us anchored in the real word, thank you very much.

If you’re into 50’s & 60’s music you must mark you calendars for next week…Patrick Murphy, Barbara Smart, and Christa Smith…9th of February and a night time show.

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