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FUTURE STARS of Texas 10/27/2012

FUTURE STARS of Texas — matinee’ show, October 27, 2012 — somehow I think you may have missed out on this one.  But we didn’t, and in five years or so we can say, “I remember seeing Zac & Michelle, and Jacob & Ashton, and Dalton & Lexi at the Liberty Opry; and now they are truly stars!   I’d like to ask each of those a question, “What do you hope your musical future holds for you?”  Today we did see some confidant, talented young people from the age of 11 to ??   Zac fascinated me from the confidant way he took command of the stage, the way he handled the mic, to his courtesy in asking for applause, thanking Dalton for playing the fiddle in one of his songs. Yes, Zac, from your cowboy hat, boots and your big belt buckle, you definitely have style.

The Marshall family is instrumentally talented with Jacob on the electric guitar and sister Ashton on the guitar and keyboards, and didn’t it sound great when their dad, Aaron joined them on his steel guitar.  I can only imagine what great jam sessions they have at home.  Dalton Stegent, was our 3rd instrumentalist this afternoon who shared his fiddle with us. If my information is correct, Dalton only started playing 3 years ago, he took it seriously and does a very nice job.  I can hardly wait to see how he’s doing in 3 more years!

We had two lady vocalists today, Michelle Dierkowski and Lexi Stavinoha.  I was there when Michelle auditioned and was pleased to see her entertain us today on stage.  She has a strong voice with good pitch, and I’m sure we’ll hear from her again.  Lexi has been entertaining the Liberty Opry audiences for a few years now while many have seen her grow up on our stage.  Lexi’s confidence and stage presence increases each time, as does the audience’s love of her talent.

What amazes me is I saw no nervousness, no memory problems….just plain professionalism!  The Future Stars we saw tonight have a good start on their musical careers, in my opinion.

Now for a couple of fun comments: I enjoy seeing performers who do Country Western type music dress the part.  Four members of the Future Stars wore cowboy boots, & one cowboy hat; four members of the Liberty Opry Band also wore cowboy boots, plus one cowboy hat.  I may have missed a pair of boots on the Band, but I know it illegal for drummers to wear boots, so I know Rick had on shoes.    See you next week………Carolyn

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