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OK who complained that I didn’t write after the last show (March 16th)?   Aha!  Some of you didn’t even notice did you?  A Little Bit of Legends & A Little Bit of New,  took 2nd place to A Whole Lot of Life that interrupted just A Little Bit so I’m only a week late.  I will easily admit that the guest stars that night are definitely  among my favorites, Shawn Ahmad, Margie LeBlanc, & Lexi Stavinoha.  Just a side comment here, if she ever wanted to go by just one name similar to many performers today, Lexi could easily be known as and recognized as “LEXI”.  If you’ve been attending the Liberty Opry very long you realize immediately when you hear that Lexi will be on an upcoming program & know right away who she is.

I first want to comment on the program in general as I enjoyed all the newer songs that were added in with the “legend” older songs.  I grew up in a family that enjoyed country music from blue grass to country to country/western and I first went to the Grand Ol’ Opry when I was 8.  Little Jimmy Dickens & I grew up together, but I have about 6 inches in height over him.  I can honestly tell you that I enjoy today’s country music every bit as much as I do the country that I listened to in the 40’s.  I don’t understand when some insist we must only like “traditional” country….I’m not sure what that even means.  All music types have changed over the years, but country still remains in my opinion, to honestly reflect the stories of life.

Margie LeBlanc is a performer who has a voice that is fresh, a bit sultry, & always compelling.  She is known on many stages & seems right at home there.  Margie is out-going and friendly at half time & after the show, she knows everyone.  She’s one of those gals that could easily be your best friend ….she’s definitely a friend of the Opry. I enjoy Margie’s singing so much.  Shawn Ahmad is that good looking guy in your school who is always kind, lots of fun, and ready to help anyone.  Not only that he is talented and confident, you can see it as he strides across the stage, reaching out to the audience with his voice and his body language.  It’s apparent he loves singing George Strait songs and his Memaw. Gotta love that about him!  And how about that Lexi? Right from the first time I heard Lexi I recognized a budding talent and I know many of you heard her a few years earlier than I.  Her voice and performances have always been so good, but I felt at this show she hit a new high.  She showed more confidence and strength in her voice, she was in my opinion outstanding.  I spoke with her mother for a bit, and she was happy that the added strength was noticed.  Lexi will soon be 14.  As Ray Sowell said, “that girl has no idea how much talent she has!”

Ray, you’ve been doing a very nice job as MC the past couple of shows, thank you much.  Jerry Locke, it was good to see you sing a couple of numbers, and try to keep Booger Lee in line.  I know how knees, hips, & feet can cause some painful conditions and hope it all is getting better for you.  I found it interesting that Trish Gainey sang “Your Cheatin’ Heart” last week followed by hubby Calvin’s, “Stand By Me”!  LOL

(And Calvin thank you for inviting Jerry & I to dance during your numbers.  In fact all the band members are the best to put up with our dancing during your rehearsals…you all are gracious to an ol’ couple.)

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