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6/1/13 FEEL the SPIRIT

Did you FEEL the SPIRIT….well you would have if you’d been at the Liberty Opry Saturday afternoon 6/1/13.  But I do know lots of you weren’t!  And it was rather a great Gospel Show.  Our guest stars were Allen Hauke, Ashley Van Pelt, and The Riders.  Allen Hauke is one of those nice guys that you meet and just ‘like’ right away.  He is definitely a poet who puts his artistry to his own music.  I understand there are not many Cowboy Poets around here which is hard to understand when you’re in Texas, but Jerry & I are quite familiar with Cowboy Poets along with Fishermen Poets too…you are missing out if you’ve never heard one.  Allen did a tribute to George Jones in one of his musical poems…an eulogy, if you will, very touching.  The audience responds so well to his talents.  And speaking of the audience’s responses,  Ashley Van Pelt received a very spontaneous standing ovation when she finished her last number.  Not only that they interrupted many songs with bursts of applause…Houston, we have a true singing star.  Ashley not only has one of those very special singing voices but she also performs in many stage plays too….she was lovely in a white lace dress and you wondered where she hid her wings.  Ashley, do come back again soon.

The Riders are a professional Gospel Group who have all the right moves, and all the right voices that sound so good together.  They’re from Mississippi while traveling the southern circuit in their motorhome….they are sister, brother, wife, and good friend and each compliments the other, and they even have a couple of babies asleep in the motorhome.  They are a very out going group, easy to visit with and even easier to listen to.  A very talented, upbeat, and full of the spirit Godly group.  It was good to have them back again.  They are always  very appreciative of having such a great band accompany them and recognized that the band was willing to learn their newest song.  WE DO have a terrific band, with members  who go out of their way to make it ALL come together.  Want to recognize a new fiddle player for the gospel show, Jeff Duncan….he did a great job and was nice to have a fiddle during our gospel show.  Thanks for sitting in Jeff.

Our own band members were in top form too:  Calvin with Trish doing back up know the art of harmony and do it so well.  I believe singing ‘harmony’ must be a special talent in itself, as many do not do it well.  Jim Cox’s songs covered all our parents with “Daddy’s Road of Love” & “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” —very appropriate with Mother’s Day just past and Father’s Day around the corner.  Was nice to have Jerry Locke back; he made the effort while still under going medical problems and was probably still in pain.  Many Blessings to all of the Liberty Opry’s band, cast, staff, owners, volunteers, guest stars, friends, and audience members

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