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Initial “Open Letter” to Activity Directors

Howdy and Welcome Activity Directors,

If you *have seen enough* and are *now ready* for:
All your residents to be able to enjoy our bonus shows
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“Weekly Bonus Shows streamed to you via BOLT Network”
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If you “need a refresher” or want to read offer details for the “first time” then read on.

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Open Letter To Activity Directors

Thanks for requesting information about Liberty Opry and BOLT Network.  As you may recall of our conversation or information passed to you, I had personally contacted your office to:
  • pass on two quick points concerning our music shows and network testing, and
  • let you know we now combine both in a unique offer that allows your residents to take advantage of FREE Bonus shows
  • *** (Read More: Points made in our call)

    We know activity directors at similar facilities are looking for consistent ways to provide positive, uplifting entertainment every week. They’ve told us so during visits to Liberty Opry.
    As an opry family, we have been happily serving many of these very same residents week after week at our Liberty Opry theater for over 23 years and they keep returning to visit us at what they affectionately call their “Home Away From Home.”

    *** (Read More: Liberty Opry and Live Music Shows)

    Unlike many of the Opry Music venues across Texas that are unfortunately having to close their doors, we are currently testing network expansion in a joint effort with BOLT Network.

    *** (Read More: Liberty Opry & BOLT Network* Bring “The Best of Life” To Your Residents)

    We are confident that you will like both what we are doing now and our expansion objectives.

    We are a very experienced music venue with musicians and staff who choose to be different in a very positive way.  We focus on tasks that are bigger than all of us and have value to others.  We are all choosing to be of service to others while enjoying what each of us love and do best.

    As an activity director, we want you to know you can, at the very least, benefit in the short term.  And, if our testing proves correct, you stand to benefit even more in the future.  You and your residents win either way, even though we realize potential services are not obvious to you now.

    What we recommend at this point is that we provide access & details in a simple series of three short emails. These are sent over a three day period so you can both see and hear examples of the services we *now* provide residents like yours at our Liberty venue of Live Music Shows.

    Then, consider the fact that we now allow your residents to enjoy our shows as a FREE bonus for taking the next two steps of faith in support of network expansion and service development:
    1. 1.  establish a modest monthly support gift equal to or greater than $39.95 to help us offset the cost of network expansion, operational services, and plan tests
    2. 2.  allow us to share short updates of network expansion and achievements (no action required of you – although, just as your residents, we do like to feel appreciated)
    We have internally agreed to an overall reduction in potential revenues as a first step in expanding our business model.   Residents benefit and we demonstrate recognition of the more important objective of honorable community service while further developing our broadcast technologies.

    We predict we can increase the number and value of services at this minimum support gift level.  Just for comparison purposes, this is far below the normal rate of what we currently charge for only *one* person to see a two hour live show with normal ticket prices of $15 to $35 per show. On a per month basis, with the typical four shows per month, a total minimum would be $60 /month … again for *one* person.

    We recommend you take advantage of our effort and very low gift threshold of support as we conduct our testing.  The amount you spend to qualify to receive our bonus benefits each month is less than an on-site entertainer charges for a one hour performance each month.

    The exact easy steps to receive bonus shows are clearly identified for you in our third introduction email.
    We realize our approach is quite different, so to assist in reducing any potential concerns, we don’t require a binding contract and you can “walk away” at any time.

    As you can tell, we are leveraging our unique musicians and staff experience.  We are literally giving away our music performances as a “vehicle only” to attract attention and interest as we strive to reach a level of community service we truly do believe can be a “reality.”

    Ronald Reagan once said: “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.”

    We are starting our bonus content with music from The Greatest Generation‘s lifetime:

    1. Country – Gospel – 50’s & 60’s
    2. Presented by Liberty Opry in Liberty, Texas
    So, to start the music and bonus entertainment that you can be proud of, here is what we are asking of you and your Senior Home business:

    If we can:
    1. 1.  deliver performances that you can “see” and “hear” samples of today, and
    2. 2.  deliver them in a credible and respectable manner to your “host location” today
    Would you (as activity director), in anticipation of potential future developments:

    1. 1.  Allow us to “stay in your inbox” i.e. look forward to receiving our emails?
    2. 2.  Be supportive of your residents viewing our “as-is” shows today and let us honor them now by assisting them to have good times and fun in bringing back memories of the past?
    3. 3.  Be supportive of us while we do the “heavy lifting” of a seemingly “impossible” task?
    The music and opry family are truly wonderful.  However, we are more than the entertainment.  We include a Best of Life attitude, unique technical platform and methods of delivering Best of Life content to seniors around the globe as a goal of honoring The Greatest Generation.

    Numbers 1 and 2 immediately above are included as requirements to securing our bonus content for your business facility.  We must have a consistent method to communicate administrative details such as upcoming shows and access codes of primary as well as potential “re-play” content. This content is not available to the general public.

    We do however understand, but not our preference, that you may have absolutely no interest or curiosity in Number 3 at this point in time.  As part of our testing beyond the technical, we make the following information summary available:

    *** (Read More: “Best of Life” – the non-technical Testing & Background)

    We respectfully ask for your support in exchange for receiving our bonus content:

    Payment Options

    See Bonus Agreement Here

    Otherwise, in the form below, register for short update emails beginning with these three:

    1. 1.  Hello From The Liberty Opry
    2. 2.  Sneak Preview
    3. 3.  It’s Showtime

    We thank you for your time, attention, and service to The Greatest Generation.
    Please let us know if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

    Liberty Opry & Bolt Network

    P.S. If you *have seen enough* and are *now ready* for:
    All your residents to be able to enjoy our shows
    Click the OPRY/BOLT Image below that says:
    “Weekly Bonus Shows streamed to you via BOLT Network”
    To establish minimum monthly support payments today:

    Click for Liberty Opry and BOLT Network offer