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Rodney Smith

Born in Amarillo, TX, Rodney started playing the fiddle (violin) at the age of 9. He would get in “trouble” for playing Bob Wills songs in orchestra class. By age 10 he was playing dances and fiddle contests.

At age 11, his family moved to Waynoka, OK, a small town with no orchestral program, so he continued to learn from records by the likes of Bob Wills, Merle Haggard and numerous contest fiddlers. He also had the opportunity to learn from a few local players in person, absorbing everything he could.

His dad would take him to numerous fiddle contests across Oklahoma and Texas and he won the Oklahoma Junior State Fiddle Championship in 1978 and 1980, as well as winning and placing in many other contests through the years.

Rodney has played in numerous bands in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri, opening for several artists. He has also played with many artists, such as Moe Bandy, Roy Clark, Hank Thompson, Leon McCauliffe, Eldon Shamblin, Johnny Gimble, Barbara Fairchild, Gary P. Nunn, Jr. Brown, Marsha Thornton, Joe Babcock, Johnny Duncan, Darrell McCall and Tony Booth, to name a few.

He had his dream of playing music full-time fulfilled by working in Branson, MO for 16 years.

Rodney now resides in Lufkin, TX, enjoying time spent with his two daughters. He is a member of the Pineywoods Jamboree Show in Lufkin as well as loving his new spot and family at the Liberty Opry.

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