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Rick Burton

Rick Burton
Born:October 21
El Dorado, Arkansas

Rick is a self-taught drummer and has been playing since the age of 7.  He grew up playing to the music of the early 60’s rock and roll bands.  He trained his ear to pick out only the drums in a song, tuning out all the other instruments and vocals.  He never worried about how fast he could get around a drum kit, but he concentrated on accuracy and timing.

He played in various “garage” bands through high school, and when he graduated from Sam Rayburn High in 1976, he played around Houston with a 10-piece show band performing one of the best Elvis acts in Texas.  Later, Rick joined a high energy pop/disco band called “Hot Cinnamon” which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the country.  After a few years of being on the road, he got completely burned out from music and sold all of his equipment and went to work in McAllen, Texas on a drilling rig.  Three years passed without playing, and after moving back to Houston, ha got the urge to play again…but not at the same pace as before.  He joined a club band in LaPorte which played country music, something he had never played.  Rick took a crash course in country music to become familiar with the songs and really found out that country music suited his playing style.  He played with a local group with Steve Campbell (nephew of country artist Glenn Campbell) and the band “Hearts On Fire”.  They opened for a few popular Nashville acts, one being the well known artist Mark Chesnutt.  They headlined at the Pasadena Rodeo, played at Gilley’s Nightclub, performed some major outdoor concerts in Arkansas and were named the official Houston Coors Light Music band.  After “Hearts On Fire” dissolved, he was asked to play for the newly formed Hometown Opry in Pasadena and has continued to play for them for the past 17 years.  They were awarded the Pasadena Entertainers of The Year award in 2000.  Rick joined The Liberty Opry Band in 2003.

Although Rick plays a wide variety of music today, his playing style reflects the music that he still dearly loves, listens to exclusively, and honed his skills on – 70’s classic rock.

Rick currently works for Harris County Precinct 2, Clear Lake Parks Department in facilities maintenance and repairs.  He and his wife Sheri share a home in Baytown with Rick’s buddy, yorkie Tazz.  They have two sons, Ryan and Eric, both of whom reside in Fresno, California.  They are proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren.

Thank you for being a part of The Liberty Opry family, Rick – and for the awesome way you get around that drum kit!

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