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Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge

Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge
Born: May 22, 1947
Liberty, Texas

Larry Etheridge (Booger Lee” as he is known and loved around these parts) was born and raised right here in Liberty, Texas.

In 1965, Booger graduated (Lordy-How-Come) from Liberty High School!!! After graduation, he attended West Texas State University on a football scholarship. He is married to Judy…yes, the same Judy that you see every Saturday night in our ticket booth and behind the snack bar counter during intermission! They have two daughters, Pam, a teacher, and Julie, owner of a hair salon in Liberty.

Booger and Judy attended the Liberty Opry quite often in the early 1990’s. In 1994, the regular comedian became ill and could no longer perform. Booger told his daughter Julie, quite a cut-up herself, that he would write the comedy scripts for her if she would perform, which she did – for a little while. When Julie decided to stop, Booger started doing the comedy routines himself and has performed on every show since then – other than a brief time in 1997, due to illness. After sixteen years, and lots and lots of laughter, Booger is still our #1 comedian, but Jay says he’s still on probation!

In Booger’s own words, “I believe in giving people something to be happy about…This world is hard enough to deal with as it is, but can you imagine it without a little humor to help us along the way?” “Early in 2010 I was proud to be featured on The Sound of Texas with Tumbleweed Smith.”

He goes on to say, “I, first of all, thank God for giving me the ability to make people laugh.” “I also want to thank my family for all their love and support.” “To my wife, Little Judy Lee (bless her little acorn head) and my two daughters, Pam and Julie, I couldn’t make it without them.” “Judy and I have been married 43 years this New Year’s Eve (please pray for her)!” “I hope to see you soon at The Opry!”

Thank you Booger for bringing so much fun into our lives!

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