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Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall

* Steel Guitar *

Born :  October 16

His love of the steel guitar goes back to his teenage years when his dad, also a steel guitarist, introduced him to it. Much of his knowledge of the instrument was acquired by many years of self study supplemented with lessons from Steel Guitar Greats such as Doug Jernigan.

Aaron managed his family’s music store, Marshall’s Music, for many years and also taught guitar lessons to young and old. He was the Band Manager for the Charlie Pruitt Country Music Show in Beaumont, Texas, for numerous years as well as being a part of the Country Gospel groups Ronnie Yawn and the White Horse Band and the New Day Spirituals. While with these groups, he traveled extensively and spread the gospel through music.

Aaron earned a bachelor’s degree in management from Lamar University and now works for the railroad.  He lives in Silsbee, Texas with his lovely wife Robbie and their beautiful children Ashton and Jacob.  He is part of the Praise Team at his church, Happy Valley, in Kountze, Texas.

Aaron has been a part of the Liberty Opry family since 2009 and we LOVE to hear him play that steel !

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