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John Ray Baxter

John Ray Baxter Bass Guitar/Vocals Born: June 19 Nacogdoches, Texas Born the youngest of three brothers and three sisters, John Ray grew up in a musical family where everyone sang, played an instrument or both.  He sang in church and was the only one of six children whose love for music extended outside the home.  [...]

Rick Burton

Rick Burton Drums Born:October 21 El Dorado, Arkansas Rick is a self-taught drummer and has been playing since the age of 7.  He grew up playing to the music of the early 60’s rock and roll bands.  He trained his ear to pick out only the drums in a song, tuning out all the other [...]

Jay Cantu

Jay was born October 8, in Goliad, Texas and raised in the town of Boling, Texas. Jay grew up in a large family, four sisters and three brothers. He started singing for his family at the age of 7 and has been singing ever since! At the age of 13 he had his own band. [...]

Jim Cox

Jim Cox Lead Guitar/Vocals Jim was born on September 3, in Galena Park, Texas.  Jim graduated from Galena Park High School in 1973 and attended the University of Houston, graduating Magna Cum Laude (BBA) in 1977.  He and Stacy married on August 20, 1983. They have two children, a daughter, Kristen, and a son Chris.  [...]

Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge

Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge Comedy Born: May 22, 1947 Liberty, Texas Larry Etheridge (Booger Lee” as he is known and loved around these parts) was born and raised right here in Liberty, Texas. In 1965, Booger graduated (Lordy-How-Come) from Liberty High School!!! After graduation, he attended West Texas State University on a football scholarship. He [...]

Calvin & Trish Gainey

Calvin:  Keyboard & Vocals       Trish:  Lead and Backup Vocals Trish, born June 16, was raised in the Dallas area and began singing in her Grandfather’s church as a young girl, developing her background in Southern Gospel Music.  As a young adult, she began performing at various Opry’s and Branson style shows around the Dallas/Ft. Worth [...]

Andy Lingenfelter

Andy, born October 22, 1980, grew up in Houston and began playing trumpet when he was 12 years old.  With no school bands to play in, due to being home schooled, Andy played in numerous community bands, playing at patriotic events, church bazaars, public concerts, etc. The “jumpstart” of his musical career is owed to [...]

Jimmy Lingenfelter

Jimmy Lingenfelter has become a member of the Liberty Opry band in the past year.  We will be adding his bio in the next few days!

Lainie Shearer

Lainie (Elaine) Shearer was born in Hamlin, TX September 14. She remembers singing and picking out TV commercial tunes on the piano at the age of three. Lainie comes from a very musical family. Her mother was a church pianist and organist for 60 years. Her father sang bass in a men’s quartet.   Lainie grew [...]

Rodney Smith

Born in Amarillo, TX, Rodney started playing the fiddle (violin) at the age of 9. He would get in “trouble” for playing Bob Wills songs in orchestra class. By age 10 he was playing dances and fiddle contests. At age 11, his family moved to Waynoka, OK, a small town with no orchestral program, so [...]

Ray Sowell

Ray Sowell Rhythm Guitar Born:  October 19, 1943 Cherokee County, Texas Ray started playing guitar in church as a youngster when he was 8 years old.  Later, at the age of 15, he began playing in dance halls (I think someone helped him get in the door).  He graduated from Smiley High School in Houston [...]

Liberty Opry Operations Team

LIBERTY OPRY OPERATIONS TEAM ERIK BRUNS                                             BROADCAST AUDIO TECHNICIAN & IN-HOUSE SOUND TECHNICIAN FRANK SHEARER                                        [...]