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October 2014 Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter

January 2014 Newsletter

January 2014 Newsletter

Nov. 2, 2013 Gospel At It’s Best

Gospel music at it’s best at the Liberty Opry this afternoon, Nov. 2nd. We’ve been absent from our seats the past several weeks since we are making a big move to Tennessee but were back in Texas to finish some packing and anytime we’re in Texas on a Saturday, you will find us at the [...]

9/21/13 Harvest Time in the Country

Harvest Time in the Country last night at the Liberty Opry with a big ol’ harvest moon overhead. It was a high quality night of country music; I had my boots on, Jerry had his on, there were seven pair of boots on the stage and four great cowboy hats…I wonder how many in the [...]


Sept. 7 was a Gospel Matinee with The Welker’s and Steve Shirey…it was Steve’s first time on stage at the Opry and he won the admiration of the audience with his first number, “I’ll Fly Away”.  I’m sure he’ll be back again.  The Welker’s have been here before and it’s always a pleasure to hear [...]


8/18/13   Just Swinging in the Country with the Liberty Opry Band plus some great guest stars:   the always fun & professional vocalist, Eddy Edwards plus a new couple, Steve & April Blue. This is going to be a quick review as I am typing this as we go flying over & up the interstate highway [...]

8/10/13 Sock Hop at the Opry

Did you dance last night at the Sock Hop at the Liberty Opry?  Well we did get one dance in to the lovely melodic voice of Kimberly Williams, singing “Sentimental Journey “.  Now there’s an old favorite you probably heard at the end of the Big Band era too.  The 50’s & 60’s gave us [...]

7/27/2013 Big Band Sound at the Liberty Opry

What a good show yesterday afternoon at the Liberty Opry….loved the music.  I know it was a bit tough on the band … lots of new music, lots of extra time on charts and changes of keys at the last minute.  I was at the rehearsal and saw what they went through and if they [...]

7/20/2013 Good Ol’ Rock N Roll

July 20th – We heard some good ol’ rock & roll, the kind that bring back memories of those days we danced sock footed on the gym floor (because the janitor religiously kept it polished and scuff free from street shoes) to the 45 records we shared during lunch hour in high school. To start [...]

6/15/13 A TOUCH OF CLASS…..

6/15/13  A TOUCH OF CLASS was the title given to the show last night, and I think it was more than “just a touch”, it had a couple of classy guest stars.  Donna B has always been a favorite of mine, she’s one of those outgoing, up lifting people that you just gotta like! She [...]


6/8/13  had the Liberty Opry Rocking around the old Clock!  We had a trumpet blowing proud by Lonnie Lalanne, and Mike Loftin knows how to rock with that sax of his, while Rick Burton gets a workout on his drums.  Rick confided the real workout was playing for Elvis (Jay Dupis) a couple of weeks [...]

6/1/13 FEEL the SPIRIT

Did you FEEL the SPIRIT….well you would have if you’d been at the Liberty Opry Saturday afternoon 6/1/13.  But I do know lots of you weren’t!  And it was rather a great Gospel Show.  Our guest stars were Allen Hauke, Ashley Van Pelt, and The Riders.  Allen Hauke is one of those nice guys that [...]


Welcome to the Liberty Opry.  Oh, you can see the stage well from almost any seat.  I’ve sat on both sides, right in the middle and once I even sat in the very back on the right side, but I prefer the left side and closer to the front.  Every show offers something special but [...]


THE WORLD FAMOUS PLATTERS…5/11/13  What an excellent afternoon of great music, great talent, and a super great band behind it all.  Add that to a full house of people, some who came from many miles, all hungry to share in some wonderful entertainment.  To say the least, the Platters know how to put on a [...]

Grace + Faith = Gospel 5/4/13

Grace + Faith = Gospel — isn’t that a good title, & all so true – at least to me that makes some very good sense.  It was a gracious gospel show that was enjoyed by too few people.  We often miss out on the things that should be the most important to our own [...]

Patsy is in the Building w/ Legends 4/27/2013

4/27/13   Country Legends weekend welcomed Patsy Cline, via Lisa Layne along with two new performers to the Liberty Opry stage, James Colburn and Royce Melton.  Those two rookies definitely held their own, and I would think we’d see them back in the future as it ALL was a very good show.  James & Royce [...]

Spiritual Lifting April 6th 2013

Spiritual Lifting, April 6th….how could you not feel lifted when attending that great gospel matinee?  Rendered Heart is such an upbeat happy group of guys with so much talent.  Each one could perform as a soloist and receive rave reviews but put those three guys together and you have such a powerful trio of male [...]

Rock n’ Roll April 13th 2013

4/13/13 We definitely rocked the Opry last night….in fact it’s a shame someone didn’t see Jerry rockin’ out during the rehearsal.  I thought he wouldn’t be able to get  of bed this morning, but this ol’ guy is pretty darn sturdy…LOL.  And talk about rockin’ out we all saw “Alley Oop” in costume with bone [...]

Did you Rope ‘EM & Ride ‘EM last night…4/20/13

Rope ‘Em & Ride “Em was a show with entertainers you remember and hope to see again.  Michelle Derkowski is a sweet 17 year old with a great voice, one that surprises you when she opens her mouth and hits that first note.  Wow!  Where did that voice come from….her dad said she got her [...]


OK who complained that I didn’t write after the last show (March 16th)?   Aha!  Some of you didn’t even notice did you?  A Little Bit of Legends & A Little Bit of New,  took 2nd place to A Whole Lot of Life that interrupted just A Little Bit so I’m only a week late.  I [...]

BRINGING BACK THE 50′S & 60′S 3/9/2013

Well did they “bring back the 50’s & 60’s” for you yesterday? It was such a good show, a good group of performers, and a good audience that showed their enthusiasm more and more as the afternoon moved on. Looking back over at the list of songs shared I have to believe a lot depended [...]

Country Legends & Western Swing 2/23/13

Legends & Swing made for a very excellent show starring Rebecca Sealy and Trish Chambers along with Eddy Edwards.  Rebecca took on her alter ego, Patsy Cline and what a beautiful job she did, each song was so smooth and mellow and her dress matched the style and time of Patsy, it seemed effortless.  Trish [...]

Country Western 2/16/13

Country – Western, hey can someone tell me the difference between Country Music and Western Music as most of the time I see them listed together? I’m thinking that maybe Country is more of the ballad & folk music and Western is more cowboy type music? And of course you can definitely do both kinds [...]

Back to the 50′s & 60′s !

Back to the 50’s & 60’s….last night at the Liberty Opry and it brought back some great memories: Sock Hops in the Gym, Homecoming dances, and Senior Proms. I graduated high school in 1960 so I definitely lived the 50’s & 60’s and last night made me feel young again. Every song, every vocalist, every [...]

Inspirational? You Bet….All Gospel

I have drank from my saucer because my cup has over flowed… true in my personal life, do those words mean anything for you? Last night was ALL GOSPEL at the Liberty Opry. The song that has those words was sang by our guest star, John Gardener, with deep feeling. I so enjoyed John’s singing, [...]

Red beans & Rice – Country & Cajun Music – Liberty Opry Band

Red beans & Rice – Country & Cajun Music – Liberty Opry Band, WOW, what more could you ask for?   Jerry would say, “pass the hot sauce!”  It was a fun filled afternoon and close to a full house that had come to have a good time.  Taking time here to thank Melba Hetzel for [...]

THANK YOU from the Vaughn Family

The Vaughn family would like to say “Thank you” to the Liberty Opry House and the wonderful people that contributed to the fund, and prayed for our family during and after our son, Troy had a car accident in September 2012. December 14, 2012, a dear friend of our family, Mr. & Mrs. Etheridge said [...]

Country Western 2013 Style

Country Western music is probably my favorite, but then I can’t think of many types of music that I don’t like. That said, Saturday night I counted at least 6 pair of boots on the stage and 3 Cowboy hats, along with a wild & wooly fiddle and drum playing the Orange Blossom Special…. that [...]


End of Year Show 2012…I hated to see 2012 leave us, but if all of the 2013 shows are as good as this show was, then I look forward to the New Year.  We had a great cast for the last show of the year with all of  the Cox boys, Jim, Kerry & Jerry,  [...]

NEW Happenings at the OPRY

A nice Christmas gift to the Opry band…. Rick, ( the drummer with the warm heart beat), spent time, talent and $ to build individual closet space for each band member in their dressing room. They were much needed and look sharp; just another instance of giving and friendship. Good job well done Rick! A [...]

Christmas Show 12/15/12

It was definitely a pre curser for a very Merry Christmas at the Christmas Show last night at the Liberty Opry. I know you wish you could have been there, because it was something you’d not want to miss. In fact if I was you, I’d be reserving my seat for next year. And you [...]


PART GOSPEL & PART COUNTRY….or was it primarily COUNTRY GOSPEL? Anyway, however you look at it, some of you missed another super show. Staring the ever popular Margie Leblanc; the UK superstar, John Permenter; and newcomer Allen Hauke. Allen was a very good surprise for the audience, a poet and a singer. What one might [...]


If you’d like to receive this with the colored pictures please email me : HEY, it’s Liberty Opry Notes time! This is the 3rd issue of the “Notes” and I thank you for all your gracious comments on the past 2 issues. I’m trying to find the right ‘voice’ to use in the newsletter, [...]


Keeping Country Real at the Liberty Opry made for a very enjoyable night starting off with the “Cajun Fiddle” by Rodgers Cochran and his magic filddles/violins. Some great songs by Calvin Gainey, the keyboard master; Jim Cox, the man with the red guitar; John Ray Baxter, the bass player who sings with his heart; Jay Cantu, [...]

Inspirational Gospel Nov. 3, 2012

The Gospel Show last night was way too good to be missed by so many people. We had Michael Whitaker, who is such an excellent vocalist that shares his talent through his love of God; Michelle Reed is his back up singer. Aaron Marshall, steel guitarist accompanied Michelle on her rendition of Tis So Sweet [...]

Correction to Comment on Future Stars posting

I was corrected about my comment on yesterday’s postings, where I stated that, “it is illegal for drummers to wear cowboy boots”. Rick instructed me that drummers do wear boots, but rarely wear them when actually playing the drums. In fact he explained that to me today at lunch at the Liberty Opry Friends Potluck….where [...]

FUTURE STARS of Texas 10/27/12

FUTURE STARS of Texas — matinee’ show, October 27, 2012 — somehow I think you may have missed out on this one. But we didn’t, and in five years or so we can say, “I remember seeing Zac & Michelle, and Jacob & Ashton, and Dalton & Lexi at the Liberty Opry; and now they [...]

FUTURE STARS of Texas 10/27/2012

FUTURE STARS of Texas — matinee’ show, October 27, 2012 — somehow I think you may have missed out on this one.  But we didn’t, and in five years or so we can say, “I remember seeing Zac & Michelle, and Jacob & Ashton, and Dalton & Lexi at the Liberty Opry; and now they [...]


A TRIBUTE TO ELVIS, what a magnificent show yesterday 10/20/12 and I really am sorry if you missed it.  I know there are some of you who just never go to any show that has “Elvis” in the title, but this time you did miss out.  Before I say one word about Jay Dupuis, I [...]

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Come One, Come All! Country Western Oct. 13/2012

Come One! Come All!  And they do every Saturday night to the Liberty Opry.  When the show came to a close on the 13th, everyone starts lining up on the stage singing, as the band plays, “Keep on Praying”.  In fact that’s a tradition every Saturday night, and this time we had Jim Cox, John [...]


The Liberty Opry’s ALL Gospel Show was so uplifting last night.  Years ago when I first started attending the Opry, for some unknown reason we never seemed to make a Gospel show.  After our first gospel show, we never missed another one unless we were gone from the area.  Last night’s guest stars were the [...]


LEGEND…..just what constitutes a legend? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, officially a legend is a story usually from the past but not necessarily a true one. If you’ve been online for a couple of years, you’re more than cognizant of the term “Urban Legend”. A legend can also be a famous or important person who is [...]

Country Legend brought September Shows to a Close

Country Legends brought September Shows to a close!  Besides some great music & performers, I found last night a fun show at the Liberty Opry.  If you were there, I bet you did too.  Our guest performers were the always smooth Eddy Edwards; the upbeat Shawn Ahmad; and the newcomer to our stage, Lauretta Turner [...]


TRIBUTE TO OLD TIME ROCK N ROLL And how did the show start? With Jerry Locke and the Liberty Opry Band doing “Old Time Rock & Roll”, terrific guys! Did that really not come out until 1978 (with Bob Seger)? Seems like I’ve known it for years, but I was already in my 30’s then. [...]


Country Western music as it should be. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to expect a great show every week at the Liberty Opry, and I’ve never been disappointed. Each guest performer always has something different to share with us, Jerry Locke & Booger Lee put a smile in our hearts, and the [...]

September Inspirational Gospel Show

Inspirational Gospel Show started off with a supersonic rendition “The Old Gospel Ship” by the Admiral of Keyboards, Calvin Gainey.  It’s always a special show when we have Karla Burris grace our stage; she not only sang “You Were There” but harmonized on backup throughout the show.  Rendered Heart is always a big favorite of [...]


NOTES from The Liberty Opry The Liberty Opry Jay & Nina Cantu, Owners 1816 Sam Houston St.          Liberty, Texas  7757 936-336-5830  or 1-877-729-9103 “Once you step through the doors of The Liberty Opry, you become a part of our family” Carolyn Glein, Editor   Jerry Glein, Assistant Welcome to the LIBERtY OPRY NOTES…..If you received this [...]


The Fall issue of the Liberty Opry Notes — a newsletter for and about the Liberty Opry — is being put together now, and should be available around the middle of  September.  If you’d like to receive it in your mailbox at home you need to share your mailing address, and you can do that [...]

ROCK around the CLOCK 8/18/12

Rock around the Clock, Sat. 8/16 and darn it all, not one performer sang that song! Should be a law if you use the name, you should sing the song….OK, next time maybe.  And Jay, I use to dance to that one in the school gymnasium.  Some great songs from the 50’s & 60’s were [...]