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Points made in our call

The two quick points I want to make are that: 1. Our Band and Cast is unusually talented and has been providing Live Music Shows in a Liberty, Texas theater for more than the past 23 years 2. We are becoming more than a live music show and are now in a position to do [...]

Liberty Opry & BOLT Network* Bring The “Best of Life” To Your Residents

BOLT Network is Best of Life Technologies Network that is both: A unique technical platform and method of delivering bonus Best of Life content specifically to seniors around the globe, and A training environment to teach valued skills of List Management. We do this to encourage and demonstrate that upward mobility is still a reality [...]

Liberty Opry and Live Music Shows

For over 23 years, the Liberty Opry has been giving our audiences one of the best- if not THE BEST – live, musical entertainment in the state of Texas!  Every Saturday (with a few exceptions of a holiday or personal closure), we put on FABULOUS, live, musical shows, along with a touch of comedy. We [...]

“Best of Life” – the non-technical Testing & Background

We believe every person should strive for something bigger than himself/herself.   We have certainly set our goals extremely high … outrageously high.  To many of the people we expect to encounter during our testing, we anticipate our goals will appear impossible to achieve.  We understand and accept that fact.  We feel it is an indication [...]