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Points made in our call

The two quick points I want to make are that:

  1. 1. Our Band and Cast is unusually talented and has been providing Live Music Shows in a Liberty, Texas theater for more than the past 23 years
  1. 2. We are becoming more than a live music show and are now in a position to do what none of our peers do … run a unique network test … as a point of honor where:

– senior facilities (like yours) support our internet broadcast network and efforts

– we provide a bonus thank-you by enabling your residents to view our shows at your location at no cost to them

I’m making this recommendation because I know activity directors at similar facilities are taking advantage of this unique network test.

Would you allow me to send you an email so you can at least see how easy it is to get more information about us and this unique network test … and the FREE shows for your residents?

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