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Liberty Opry & BOLT Network* Bring The “Best of Life” To Your Residents

BOLT Network is Best of Life Technologies Network that is both:

  • A unique technical platform and method of delivering bonus Best of Life content specifically to seniors around the globe, and
  • A training environment to teach valued skills of List Management. We do this to encourage and demonstrate that upward mobility is still a reality today.

We represent what is good & wholesome entertainment content, provide the technologies to take it directly to your facility, and make it available to you and your resident community.

Become a supporter today as one of our ‘Host Locations” on the BOLT Network for a modest monthly support gift equal to or greater than $39.95 and let us bring Best of Life quality content directly to your residents as a bonus.

We are starting our bonus content with music from The Greatest Generation‘s lifetime:

  • Country – Gospel – 50’s & 60’s
  • Presented by Liberty Opry in Liberty, Texas
Allow us to be your resident‘s Best of Life window to the world …
With your support, we BOLT1 together through technology and service:
  1. 1. That which you and your residents believe to be Best of Life to your Host Location
  2. 2. Proven / best life qualities typified by your resident’s generation to known needs in today’s society to include:

– Encourage residents to once again be a shining light to a troubled world (many were/are of America’s Greatest Generation.)

– Prove the impossible to a doubting world of many who believe they can’t change their current circumstances.

– Support our Local Hosts in a positive manner to local neighborhoods and across our network.

As our bonus value to supporters, we honor and provide the earned respect by doing what each of us know and love to do best. It is our sincere intention, hope, and prayer that we:
  • Continue to provide residents much deserved joy through music, humor, and service.
  • Continue to be positive role models and influence America’s future – the “younger” generations.
*BOLT Network is Best of Life Technologies Network
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