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“Best of Life” – the non-technical Testing & Background

We believe every person should strive for something bigger than himself/herself.   We have certainly set our goals extremely high … outrageously high.  To many of the people we expect to encounter during our testing, we anticipate our goals will appear impossible to achieve.  We understand and accept that fact.  We feel it is an indication of just how far our American culture has moved away from that great “principled” society that once was accepted as a norm and shared among the majority of The Greatest American Generation.

We are intentionally leaving our goals at an outrageously high level.  And, have intentionally designed our mission such that with each significant success, any person should easily be able to identify the groups and individuals that are to benefit most without us having to point it out.

As you know, many of your residents are a part of that greatest generation any society has ever produced.  These very men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.” If not directly part of the military fighting force, there was a distinct and noticeable level of productivity back at the “home front” that no doubt made a decisive material contribution to the war effort. And yes, it produced a little pride in accomplishment.

Achieving goals in that “right thing to do” and “productive” environment can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.  We believe recent generations are losing that “feeling” and level of understanding.  Today appears to be more about the “me” and “my fame and recognition.” This growing attitude is something especially visible in the entertainment world.  Can we highlight and potentially influence the attitudes of today’s youth regarding the disappearance of our once “Best of Life” culture?  This is our “why” for what we do.  Some will choose to brush-it-off as a futile exercise.

Our prayer is that we can demonstrate an appropriate level of effort, integrity and selflessness in developing and executing our potential services to local communities beyond our Liberty venue. To that end, we do have our roadmap and our journey has begun. As I’m sure you can probably imagine, to date, any sharing of that objective or roadmap, has been a bit of a challenge in itself.  This is especially true in the early stages of such an unusual effort in today’s world like our testing that is now underway.  No one else does what we are attempting to do.  And perhaps, folks will never get it.  But, does that mean it should never be attempted?

Therefore, our focus is to quietly and calmly deliver on commitments made as we implement and execute each and every normal step taken along the roadmap.  We believe at points along the way we will have very visible demonstrations of effort, integrity, and selflessness.  It is our hope and design to be in a position to be able to share such moments with our youth of today.  As you know, they are the very future of this great country.

We recognize and plan to travel way beyond simple recognition that we must “walk-the-talk” to be viewed as credible.  We are doing this by creating, an easily visible Demonstration of Teamwork and what we believe to be a reality in “Making a True Difference in this World.”

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